Budget gift ideas for the eco & adventurous globetrotter

Photo by Dimitris - SeaKayak Cannibals Athens Greece

For most of us adventure traveller counts, the less crap we have, the better. We like to travel light. The holidays are coming and preferably we just receive a few pesos to put into the adventure fund instead of a present. If your friend, brother or mum insist to receive your adventure travel wish list, here are eco & adventure traveller gift ideas that help you go well equipped on the road for your next adventure travel! I only recommend long lasting, low impact, useful things that can make a positive impact.

SAS survival book

How to survive in the wild, on land and sea in the most difficult circumstances! It’s light and has an enormous amount of useful info. I know now what to do, and what not to do if my ships sinks.

Amazon UK
Amazon US

Water filter drink bottle

This is a lifesaver! With my filtered water bottle I can scoop water from the dirtiest river and drink it. I can drink water from any tap or source (except for salty water). The best filter drink bottle I have found is the one of Water-to-go. The Water to go filter bottle does not just have carbon filter. The by NASA developed filter is so small that it filters out 99.99% of bacteria and viruses. Thanks to this bottle you never EVER have to buy a disposable plastic bottle again.


Water-to-go website (10% discount with coupon code OPH2O)
Water-to-go on Amazon UK
Water-to go on Amazon US

1 Watt Led light stick

This Goal Zero Luna Led light rechargeable light stick needs very little power to provide long light time. For 10$ it’s an affordable gift to ask or give and useful for the next camping trip.

goal zero led light stick

Goal Zero led stick on Amazon UK
Goal Zero led stick on Amazon US
Goal Zero led stick on Bol NL


Worlds lightest hammock: Treklight

Multi-day hikes will be waiting. Or just take this one to the beach, sailboat, forest, heck. Anywhere. I’ve tried them. They are comfy and indeed superlight.

Stainless steel Coffee/Tea kit

I’m a tea-freak. A good cup of tea brings so much happiness. This all-in-one plastic free tea maker has a reusable tea filer and can be put on any jar. If I could give myself 1 present, it would be this Ecojarz plastic free tea filter!

Screenshot 2016-12-22 19.33.43


Opinel knife

This light and supersharp knife cuts everything. I used one of a friend last week. Would love to have it! Useful!

Amazon UK
Amazon US


Multifunctional scarf/Bandana

It’s a scarf, wind protector, sun protector, bandana, headband all in one. Made from Marino wool that keep you cool when it’s hot and warm when it’s cold. I use it for sailing, snowboarding and beach time!

Amazon UK
Amazon USA
Buff on Bol.com

18 in 1 biodegradable multi purpose pure castile soap

dr. bronner biodegradable soap
The one and only washing liquid for travelling. You can use this for washing your clothes, hair, body, dishes, anything! The bottle is made from recycled plastic.

Dr. Bronner on Amazon US
Dr. Bronner on Amazon UK
Dr. Bronner on Bol.Com

Portable solar charger

To keep capturing to outdoor action we need battery life! With a water- and shock proof solar charger you can keep going with the power of the sun. There are many crappy solar chargers out there. This nomad version of Goal Zero I have found to be the one most durable reliable and powerful options out there.

goal zero solar charger

Amazon UK
Amazon USA

Bamboo Spork

Very useful on the road when you want to scoop that avocado or eat that street food. You can say no to single use plastic.


Spork on Amazon US

Spork on Amazon UK

Stainless Steel Refillable drink bottle

50 trillion amount of plastic bottles are produced every year. It takes crude oil and chemicals to produce them. Maximum 1/3 get’s recycled. The rest ends up in nature. It never ever disappears. A refillable drinking bottle is a must for every eco conscious traveller. The most durable, ethical and plastic free produced bottles I have found so far are from Mizu and Klean Kanteen.

mizu drinking bottleMizu on Amazon UK
Mizu on Amazon US
Mizu on Bol NL

Klean Kanteen on Amazon UK
Klean Kanteen on Amazon US
Klean Kanteen on Bol NL

Idea Extreme note pad

Write down you ideas in any circumstance and be able to read it back later as well! The notebook for extreme sports. Waterproof, ripproof and recycable!

Idae Extreme shop

Compact Atlas of the World

MAPS! Which globetrotter doesn’t love them!? This pocketsize atlas of National Geographic make you a knowledgable geographer. It gives you stats on countries and makes you add dozens more countries to your bucketlist!


Pocket Atlas on Amazon US
Pocket Atlas on Amazon UK
Pocket Atlas on Bol NL

Waterproof cover for the phone/ipod

A lifesaver! Make your (i)phone, Ipod or GPS waterproof (& floatable!) with this Aquapac cover. Touchscreen works perfectly through the cover.

Aquapac online store
Amazon UK
Amazon US

Multipurpose Turkish hammam towel

Use this for the beach, boat, drying, as a blanket, as a scarf. Heck, make a dress out of it. Eco friendly, Natural-dyed, pure cotton, no harmful substances or chemicals, eco-friendly

Hammam towel on Amazon US
Hammam towel on Amazon UK
Hammam towel on Bol NL




Blue Mind Book

A book for ocean lovers and adventurers. Wallace J. Nichols throughly researched the science and connected the dots on How Water Makes You Happier, More Connected and Better at What You Do. Great read that makes you want to jump in the sea right away.


Blue mind on Amazon UK
Blue mind on Amazon US
Blue mind on Bol.Com

Stainless Steel Straw

A straw is still a routine add-on in most of the world. It’s in the top 6 of trash found in sea. It’s very wasteful and only used for 15 minutes. By proactively showing up with your reusable straw you can say no to many plastic ones. Especially great when you are in a coconut country. I recommend a stainless steel straw because of their durability.


Stainless steel straw on Amazon UK

Stainless steel straw on Amazon US

Stainless Steel Cups

Plastic free and durable. Great item to take on travelling so you can say no to disposable cups!



Stainless steel cups on Amazon UK
Stainless steel Cups on Amazon US

More ideas in the Zero Waste Travel Shop!

What is the one piece adventure item you will never forget on your expedition?

To best present of all is experience.


Disclaimer: I only recommend these things because I love them!  A few links above contain affiliate links. If you purchase through this link I receive an iny tiny percentage for my adventure & website fund.Thank you!


Hi I’m Suzanne, the Oceanpreneur. I love everything outdoors, especially the ocean adventures! My mission is to inspire you to be adventurous and travel with a positive impact. On destinationXploration I share the eco and adventure travel tips, resources, and inspiration from my own experience and enthusiasm.





4 Comments on “Budget gift ideas for the eco & adventurous globetrotter

  1. Hi Susanne, thnx for sharing those usefull tips. Will ask/ buy several of the items for the next trip. I can recommend the Spork as well, this is a spoon/ fork and knife in one tool. Beware to not use it for scraping the innerside of a coconut or else you might end u with only a fork and knife as I have now. But in general it is very useful and it is cheap, about US$ 2,-.

    • Hi Mark! Thanks for your comment! And the spoon/fork, great tip! Especially the coconut part :) I carry one around as well actually! Will add it to the list! Happy travels!

    • Awesome Jeroen! I’m with you on this challenge :) I’ve come across this purifier before. I’m wondering how much its weighs? For me personally the filter water bottle does the job. It’s light. Though you can’t cook or make tea with it and you need to replace the filters every 2 months. Let me know how you like the guardian purifier!

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