Flores eXploration through Instagram


What to do in Flores, Indonesia?

Jungle hiking, bamboo-forest mountain-biking, reef snorkelling, Komodo dragon spotting, inhabited island exploring, Coral triangle diving, crater lake climbing, Flores coffee sipping, catch-of-the-day tasting, off the path exploration, indigenous tribe meeting, giant coconut eating, sunrise shooting, breathtaking view absorbing, rice paddies walking, free fresh fruit picking, Flying foxes watching, more Flores coffee sipping, local dining, Sirah penang chewing, hammock sleeping, manta ray dancing, more Flores coffee sipping, natural hot spring soaking, waterfall swimming

It’s only a selection…

…of what to do in the hyper diverse adventure destination of Flores, Indonesia!

I just returned from this adventure paradise. It has been o-ver-whel-ming! While I’m compiling , stories, photos, tips, resources and video’s to share,  here’s already my enthusiasm for Flores through Instagram, captured while on the road, boat or local bus load:)


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Hi I’m Suzanne, the Oceanpreneur. I love everything outdoors, especially the ocean adventures! My mission is to inspire you to be adventurous and travel with a positive impact. On destinationXploration I share the eco and adventure travel tips, resources, and inspiration from my own experience and enthusiasm.





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