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Are you a destination, organization, service provider, or brand related to active, responsible, wellness, nautical, zero waste, adventure sports travel? Are you looking for innovative ways to improve your presence and get the word out to this targeted niche? And do you have the same values and mindset about responsible adventure travel? Then read on to learn more about working with Destination Xploration!

Destination Xploration is interested in collaboration with:

  • Destinations with adventure potential
  • Destinations, organizations and products with efforts in sustainability
  • Gear (outdoor, travel, watersports, sustainable products, renewable, action technology, plastic free alternatives)
  • Expeditions with a purpose
  • Sailing companies & expeditions
  • Adventure-, Outdoor- & Extreme sport brands and organisations (kitesurf, freedive, snowboard, mountainbike, or something new to try)
  • Local, sustainable adventure businesses and initiatives
  • Accommodation (local, sustainable, wellness)
  • Ocean conservation initiatives

What is Destination Xploration about?

Destination Xploration is an independent travel blog with a focus on sustainable, active, adventure travel. All content is based on the experience, enthusiasm and travels of Suzanne. eXplorations are published realtime through Social Media (InstagramtwitterfacebookG+, Youtube), followed by inspirational posts, adventure destination guides, captivating photography, reviews and recommended resources on the website. Main mission is to inspire and to help others travel active, healthy and adventurously in a responsible way. No day goes by without getting out there exploring a new trek, trail, area, (free)diving spot or outdoor activity. My explorations offer an opportunity for selected brands can access to a highly engaged audience of adventure travellers. Selected brands offer me an opportunity to keep exploring!



So who is Suzanne?

I’m an Ambassador for adventure & Advocate for sustainability. I love everything ocean and outdoors! I love to kitesurf, snowboard, mountainbike, sail and freedive. I’m location independent and base myself in outdoorsy places where I meet like-minded thrill seekers.  I have lived in 5 continents, and travelled to 50 countries. But it’s really not in the numbers: it’s the depth of the experiences that count!  I love to photograph and document it all and share it with the world, to inspire others to explore and get out there, responsibly & adventurously! My mission is to save the ocean and I do whatever I can to preserve it. Find out more about me on the about page.



Benefits of working with Destination Xploration

    • Personal voice promoting you (Online & Offline)
    • Reach a targeted audience of active, responsible, adventure and wellness seekers through multiple platforms
    • Off the beaten path unique content
    • Creative out-of-the box campaigns
    • High engagement rate and credibility
    • I CARE
    • Professional and ecological footprint


Destination Xploration has a growing audience of adventure and eco-minded, independent travelers in search for inspiration, tips and products related to active, adventure and sustainable travel.

  • Demographics: 35% Dutch, 25% UK, 17 % Northern Europe, 15 %USA/Canada. Age 20-40
  • Monthly pageviews: +10.000
  • Monthly Growth:  160%
  • Time on site: 5.30 min
  • Bounce rate: 44 %
  • Weekly Social Media reach: 15400
  • Facebook Fans & friends: 2375
  • Twitter: 2020
  • Instagram: 5556
  • Linkedin: 1420

Influence on Social Media according to Klear:



What the readers say?

“I love so much your web page!! Your picture, your philosophy are amazing. In a few minute I learned a lot from you. I am preparing my trip to Mexico in Octuber. I was stressed out organizing see every thing when  I read your article Slow Travel. Wow, thanks for that! Now, I am decided to make a new experience” P. from Spain

“ I love your stories! You’re such a good writer. Keep exploring. I hope our path will cross one day”. B. from USA

“ Love reading your blog full of awesome stories to enjoy experiences, truly motivating and inspiring! D. from Holland”

“Your tips for Flores have really given us a true local experience.” D from UK

“As I diver its still a dream to dive in Indonesia! So far I have just heard stories, but now you actually show how amazing it is there. Thanks!” S. Germany

“ Absolutely incredible trip and photos. Is this really you in the picture? O. from USA

“I’ve looked at your photos of your travels and It looks amazing. They are lovely, really!! I’m looking at different cameras but I can not find one. Could you tell me what camera you use? P. Spain

“I’ve looked at your photos of your travels and It looks amazing. They are lovely, really!! I’m looking at different cameras but I can not find one. Could you tell me what camera you use? P. Spain

“For our brochures we photoshopped a person in there. You just climb up there. How did you do it?” N. from Austria

“ Stumbled upon your story about the Ausangate trekking. We’re doing that one now instead of the Inca trail!”  B. from Denmark

Working together

  1. Advertisement space on
  2. Social Media Shout outs & likes (Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, G+, YouTube, Linkedin). Book this on webfluential
  3. Sponsored links
  4. Press trips Destination Xploration on location to experience, capture and instantly share the destination and/or adventure through social media, and blog posts afterwards.
  5. Product/Gear Reviews I review gear that fits the adventure lifestyle and is of interest to my readers. Reviews are 100% honest and disclosed.
  6. Affiliate partnership
  7. Contests & give-aways Promote a contest or give-away to my audience
  8. Ambassadorship
  9. Happy to think along for customized solutions!



Parameters I work under

    • This is a personal blog, with my personal voice and opinion. Therefore I am very selective about who I choose to work with. Your brand, organization or product has to fit with my values and readership. My readers trust me to recommend brands, places and services related to Eco – Active – Adventure Sports & Travel, based on my opinion, and thank me for that. That being said, if I work with you, I can assure you, you have and enthusiastic voice promoting you.
    • All of my reviews, posts and thoughts are 100% completely honest.  I share the good and the bad.  If I don’t like your product or experience, I reserve the right to not post a review. I always mention a disclaimer so readers know I have been sponsored.


Download my mediakit to learn more about partner options. Contact me at or via Webfluential. I’m flexible and happy to discuss ways of working together!