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I’m Suzanne and I have an extreme curiosity for discovering new cultures and places. The adventurous kind, and the full sense of it! I’m an ambassador for adventure and an advocate for sustainability.

Destination Xploration is my travel blog about responsible, active and in-depth exploration of adventure travel destinations.  I travel at slow pace, at very slow pace…  by exploring local style. It makes me able to experience the real essence of a destination, to get to know the cool local spots and places, its culture, and its people. While at the same time I’m doing work I find fulfilling and to contribute to the local scene at the best I can do.

On Destination Xploration I share the adventures, thoughts and wisdom from 10years of globetrotting. I focus a lot on islands and coastal destinations as I have one constant in my life: the calling of the ocean. On the sisterblog OceanXploration I blog about the adventures at sea, particularly the Hitch-Sail adventures. Further, there’s no day without play. I hope to be an inspiration and useful resource for other adventurous souls out there, looking for action, responsible and local style travel. New is the zero waste travel aspect. While I’ve always travelled minimalistic and producing minimum waste possible, it’s ever more important now to be superconcious about our actions. This requires a different approach during travels than at home. With this website I aim to broaden minds, and to make others aware how they can get the absolute most out of travel and (long-term) adventures.  Not just for themselves, but for the places and people they are visiting, that are in most cases less fortunate than the traveller.

Beso, Suzanne

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Connect with me on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Youtube & Google+ . On Instagram I often share live video updates. As soon as I have my ‘Hitch-Sail book‘ finished  I will start with youtube episodes as well. Stay tuned! Travelblogging is not all I do. Learn more about what I do and what drive me on my portfolio site: www.TheOceanpreneur.com

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